Why Seattle Exterminators - Pest Control Services Are a True Necessity

Residential and Commercial Extermination Of
Termites • Bees • Wasps • Ants   • Roaches
Rodents • Centipedes • Fleas

Onetime service or ongoing service
Services offered
Fumigation • Backyard Fogging • Termite Repair
Lawn/Tree Spray • Termite Inspections
Cesspool Certifications
Roof and cesspool certifications
We make sure that the roof and cesspool pass inspection for the purpose of obtaining a mortgage loan

Seattle Exterminators for fumigation, backyard fogging, termite inspections, lawn spraying, and professional pest control. seattle pest control Located in Dix Hills, New York, Max's Seattle, we offer professional extermination services at an affordable price. We also provide roof and cesspool certifications for obtaining a mortgage loan.

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